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Title: UnknownIf I Had A Heart
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I had wings once. They were strong. They were stolen from me.

Second Opinion

Usually we walk around constantly believing ourselves. "I’m okay" we say. "I’m alright". But sometimes the truth arrives on you and you can’t get it off. That’s when you realize that sometimes it isn’t even an answer ― it’s a question. Even now, I wonder how much of my life is convinced.


Persuasion (2007)

She understood him. He could not forgive her - but he could not be unfeeling. Though condemning her for the past, and considering it with high and unjust resentment, though perfectly careless of her, and though becoming attached to another, still he could not see her suffer, without the desire of giving her relief. It was a remainder of former sentiment; it was an impulse of pure, though unacknowledged friendship; it was a proof of his own warm and amiable heart, which she could not contemplate without emotions so compounded of pleasure and pain, that she knew not which prevailed.

You have everything, and still the world holds no joy; and yet you insist on making fun of those who would see it for its possibilities.


Isabella: The She-Wolf of France, Queen of England

Forest in Co. Wicklow, Ireland | Andrew Grier


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Make Me Choose
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“Free folk don’t follow names, or little cloth animals sewn on a tunic,” the King-Beyond-the-Wall had told him. “They won’t dance for coins, they don’t care how your style yourself or what that chain of office means or who your grandsire was. They follow strength. They follow the man.